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The Green is filthier today than it's been in recent memory. On, under, and around nearly every bench on the north green is filth, trash, tobacco and alcohol and fast food trash, wadded paper napkins, cups, bottles, junk food packages.
I did not take a photo because I did not want to associate anybody with it. Just because you're sitting in the middle of such filth doesn't mean you caused it.
But if you get out today, take a look for yourself at the wide-open public desecration of this historical square. I posted the same issue a week or so ago with a photo -- many people responded and the city said it was cleaned up and closed the issue. Now it's reopened because the city might have cleaned it for a day, but has done nothing to prevent the issue of trash and filth on the New Haven Green, It's deeply disgusting and disturbing, like a scene in some futuristic dystopia where it has become normal to wallow in squalor and filth.
I believe the issue of filth and litter should be a political issue, with city officials -- politicians -- held accountable for the mess.


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