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Aggressive Dog Acknowledged

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Aggressive Dog


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Academy Acres North

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I selected "aggressive dog" but this was not aggressive. My only 2 options were "lost animal" and "aggressive dog." We need an option to report what appear to be animals without homes that are not aggressive. I often see skittish animals that avoid people but I report them to 311 because they obviously need help.

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Q. Purpose of Call:
A. Report wandering dog
Q. Incident Date:
A. 9/8/16
Q. Incident Time:
A. 7pm
Q. Detailed Description of Dog:
A. Black dog (lab?) with collar (red?) sauntering east on Harper without a human
Q. Cross Streets/Intersection:
A. Harper and Glendora
Q. Location/Direction Traveling:
A. East
Q. Demeanor:
A. Relaxed
Q. Address:
A. No Answer Given

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