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bike concern


I called the NHPD non-emergency and was told they couldn't do much about it but send an officer, then after almost getting hung up on (literally) I had to ask the dispatcher if she wanted to take any information, to which she responded oh, yeah, ok, or something nonchalant like that.

I think SCF cares more about City quality of life than the Mayor and NHPD dispatch these days so here are the details:

1. red, white bike, same kid that is posted under the "dirt bikers of chatham square" SCF issue.

2. gray sweater, darker complexion adult (not a kid), bike big #247 decal on it, and bike is multi colored (mostly orange-y red, dark gray).

3. large white atv.

Same kids, same city, same photos (which are all over the internet and on SCF) same story from the Mayor and NHPD "there's not much we can do."

Thanks Mayor! November 2013 is right around the corner.

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