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At or about 226 Abbe Lane, there are commercial vehicles parked on the street, quite close to the corner. They are labelled "Kitchen Vision" and add to making travel difficult at the and and only entrance/ exit to Abbe Lane. The residents do not have enough room to navigate at the entrance/ exit to the street and something needs to be done - too many cars at all hours of the day. I've already had an accident at that intersection because drivers can't get their car in/ out of the street safely. We need "No Parking Here to Corner" signs for at least the first 150ft of road on at least one side of the street - it's not safe to drive.

It also does not help that the resident across the street at 219 Abbe Lane has a van parked on the street that does not move - I've driven past it and have noticed that it appears to be used by its owner as a shed/ storage container. Is that even allowed?? Since when are residents allowed to store their belongings on a public street?

Please help make our neighborhood easier & safer to navigate. Thank you.

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