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odor, drug dealing


Everything for the most part was discribed above.

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A. The SLUM LORD that owns the Commodore Apts changed the propane dryers in the laundry room to electric dryers with No Permits !! New wiring and breakers, etc. were installed ... About a month ago they finally poured concrete around the pool after Two years . No wire mesh or rebar was used and some places were less than 2" thick !!! No Permit The pool has been closed for OVER 3 years and a few months ago they did electrical work and changed some pumps, filters etc WITHOUT A PERMIT . They hired some guy who is supposed to be taking care of the pool but he has No Clue what he's doing. There's been a sign posted that the pool is closed by the city but they don't care and until it turned green the owners girlfriend /manager told people they could swim in the pool. NO ONE CARES AND AFTER 3 YRS NOTHING IS BEING DONE ??? The pool inspector hung the sign up a few YRS ago saying the pool is closed and that's it ..REALLY We get told if you don't like it leave by the manager. They won't repair things around here and especially in the apartments. The Police are out here on a monthly bases it seams due to the drunks on the 3rd floor. THERE'S DRUG USE AND SELLING GOING ON AS WELL YOU CAN SMELL THE WEED THEY SMOKE ON THE 3RD FLOOR EVERYDAY !!!!! THE MANAGER KNOWS AND DOESNT CARE. SHE LAUGHS AND SAYS WELL AT LEAST THEY ARE ALL IN ONE AREA ?? PLEASE HELP

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