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Traffic Signs


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Signs are unclear. Please make them more clear. Anyone coming for an appointment on this street does not know that they can come down, that if they need to get to Matheson Drive they no longer go in at Pleasant, that the street is accessible to everyone from Berlin Rd to Matheson, and they need info on how to find the detour. The street info is blank. What if someone has an oxygen tank delivery or other medical and doesn't know that the street is passable? What if you have a person living in the neighborhood who needed a chair car to bring them to a dr appt and the chair car company can't figure out how to get to the persons home? Yesterday someone (non medical) was supposed to come to the house and they were an hour late because they drove around to figure out how to get to the house.

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Q. What is the problem?
A. Other
Q. Location of the sign
A. Entrance to west hill road from Berlin Road

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