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Dear City Manager,

I am writing to you regarding the conditions at Webster and Taylor. Specifically, conditions within 200 feet west of this intersection.

All of the following have been reported via SeeClickFix.

1. There are dozens of tags on the historic building and property at 1431 Webster Street. Code Enforcement is non responsive.

2. The front yard of 645 Taylor has been paved over for parking. As a result, the adjacent sidewalk is broken. Code Enforcement found the property in violation, but the parking lot is still there and the sidewalk is still broken.

3. Ongoing and never ending dumping of trash near this intersection. The No Dumping sign has graffiti on it.

4. Broken sidewalks, including sidewalks repaved with asphalt.

5. Broken storm drains.

6. Roads and sidewalks that do not drain due to faulty grades.

7. Roadway long overdue for reconstruction.

8. The City operated parking lot at Webster and Taylor was closed several years ago and no replacement parking was created. The project approved for this location seems to be in abeyance.

This area suffered decades of disinvestment due to redlining based on race and class discrimination.

I urge you to visit this location and take action to remedy these and other problems. It is long overdue that the City address these type of problems and the longstanding injustices that helped to create and perpetuate them.


Steve Gerstle


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