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Mirror Lake Library not accepting book donations. This is a copy of the letter I sent to the library:
After checking your web site and seeing that all of your branches accept book donations, I have packed two grocery-store bags of rare books I have collected over the years. Most of these books were about poetry, philosophy, nature, etc., some of them never read, some of them read only once, all in excellent condition. My wife and I are now retired. I thought these books would be of interest to the book loving community in St Petersburg. I took them to your Mirror Lake Library branch this morning.

The lady at the desk told me you now accept only new book donations. I told her all of these books were new or in excellent condition. She didn't even take a second look. I asked her if she wanted me to dump them. She said, "yes".

I will register this as a complaint with the mayor's office and report it to Tampa Bay times. First of all, you are plainly advertising in your web site that you are accepting all book donations. Secondly, what kind of library are you to ask me to dump these precious books? I took them to Good Will today and they accepted them gratefully. You should have had at least have the decency to take a look at these books first before you ask me to dump them.

Dr. Vehbi Tasar

151 20th Ave NE
St Petersburg, FL 33704
Tel. 650-224-5756

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