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TRAFFIC ENG - Study Request


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After most folks in my neighborhood have reported near head-on collisions through our neighborhood Facebook page and after a terrible accident within the last week I finally decided enough is enough. When I get in the turn lane coming from Bass Road intersection going toward Forsyth Road on Zebulon Road to turn into my neighborhood of Castlegate there is almost always someone already riding down the turn lane coming head on to me wanting to turn in to Carlyle Place. These people are getting in the turn lane much too early (probably elderly visiting friends or relatives) and riding down the lane giving those of us in Castlegate absolutely no room or chance to get over in the turn lane safely to turn in to our neighborhood. We have to jump back in the lane we just came out of causing cars that thought we were getting in the turn lane to slam on breaks, screech or get over (hopefully) in the other lane as to avoid a head on collision. Please draw some simple lines and dotted lines and turn arrows to encourage people to stop getting in that turn lane so early and riding down it for much too long!

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Q. Type of study requested?
A. Traffic Signal
Q. Please provide exact location
A. Turn lane on Zebulon Road between Carlyle Place and Castlegate neighborhood entrance.

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