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Cops do nothing about speeders Archived

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Today between 5 and 8 pm there was at least one squad car sitting in the parking lot across the street from my house. During that time frame somewhere half a dozen and a dozen cars/ bikers/ kids on motorbikes sped past them one Winthrop Ave. The speeders were noticed by the cops who would hit the siren every time, but the cops did nothing. No one was followed, no one was stopped, they just sat there and kept hitting that siren every 10 or 20 mins. Not only are people driving dangerously, but this was really frustrating to observe! This lack of action gave the impression that those officers are lazy or unconcerned - either way that's unacceptable considering we pay their salaries with our taxes. As if this wasn't upsetting enough - the constant blaring of their siren ruined an otherwise beautiful spring evening. Did anyone else hear/ notice this?


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