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*Elizabeth Nearing has given us permission to share her story*

Last night, our friend Elizabeth Nearing was in a car accident on her bike. Despite bruises and a severely bent helmet, she's ok — resting, but okay.

Elizabeth was on her way to present at the Pecha Kucha on her work as Community Engagement Manager at Long Wharf Theatre. Coming from Long Wharf, she turned onto Olive Street from Water Street. It was dark, so she was wearing a reflective raincoat with both front and rear lights. She was also wearing her helmet and riding far to the right of the lane.

As she was passing Wooster Street, a car going 25 mph turned into her. Elizabeth's helmet was severely bent and the car's windshield was cracked.


As a friend of Elizabeth, I am extremely grateful that she is safe.
As a citizen, I am extremely concerned.

Olive Street needs be a safer place for all folks — pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists — to travel safely. To start, there are a few core things that could be implemented:

-Better lighting for visibility
-Signage for bicyclists
-A stop sign at Olive and Wooster
-A protected bike lane

Would love to hear others thoughts and continue this conversation.


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