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Good Afternoon,

I have been trying – for quite some time – to figure out WHO exactly I need to be in contact regarding an abandoned home at 2206 Kimberly Dr. in Fayetteville. This property is owned by a Mr. Daniel Gleaton. It has been abandoned for quite some time.

Not only is the property unsightly, but the health issue it presents needs to be dealt with. There is a constant horde of rats that have been plagueing the surrounding homes.

We manage one of these properties, and over the last several months we have spent an abhorrent amount of money trying to get rid of the rats, and repairing the damages they have caused.

They have gotten under the house and are destroying it from the inside out. I have had to send the contractor out to replace duct work, fix pipes and more. The tenants utility bill has been over $400 just trying to heat the property. I fix the duct work, and the rats eat it. I send out the pest company to get rid of the rats, but there is a never ending stream coming from 2206.

I am at my wits end on this issue, and losing quite a bit of money because no one can seem to get back to me- I am not even sure if I am contacting the correct department in regards to this.

If someone could please get in contact with me ASAP I would appreciate it greatly.

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