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Another collision happened today on MLK and 15th Ave. N. The problem is 16/15 th ave is about half way between lights at 22nd and 9th Ave's north. The last traffic study had 50% of the traffic going more than 45mph. With the window open i can tell when cars are going 45 and 85. Can you add a traffic signal or something to slow traffic? 2 days ago i heard a motorcycle go by so fast that it sounded like a jet going by. Once every few years there is a ticket writing party and then nothing. I think a timed traffic signal would keep cars going the speed limit and discourage these high speed vehicles.
When we come from the light at 9th going north, you can tell the people coming off 22nd who are speeding because there is a gap between them and the group going the speed limit. Sometimes you can turn in between them, other times you have to wait and wait for an opening.
Please help!
I think Mike Fredricks did the last study at 16th ave, he would not say how fast the fastest vehicle was going. I'll bet over 100mph. Its a long straightaway.

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