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Junk or debris present on property


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New neighbors north of me. Had an apartment before. They keep all 3 of their garbage cans 5ft. away from my bedroom window. I called the city at the end of summer to see what was allowed, when they started this, and I was told that they can keep them there. I don't think ANYONE would like that because, 1). with the window open, it's very loud. They put things in the recycle or trash several times a day, instead of saving them in the house and dumping once a week. 2). In the summer months, I will be subjected to the smell of grass clippings, (which I have witnessed with no lid), no to mention the odor in hot months, and 3). Looks like @#$%. My opinion, they're just too lazy to go to the back of the house or in the garage. My other neighbors were sited for having THEIR cans next to their door, and 2 winters ago, I was sited for having a pool skimmer and a plastic bread rack up by my garage!!! Really? Seems a little inconsistent. ALL rules should apply to ALL homes or have NO rules at all. I don't know them very well, but I don't think, by me approaching them, is a good thing. I would rather have the city notify them of what's allowed. If I AM wrong, and all of these receptacles are allowed to stay there, then please, direct me as to how I can get this "code" or ordinance changed. To me, as a single woman living here, I see a place for someone to hide or to hide behind. That's why I have kept all of mine in the garage. I don;t like surprises. Thank you.

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