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New Haven


Traffic Signal / Pedestrian Signal


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This is a very tricky intersection, and most of it can be attributed to the traffic light. My perspective is one as a pedestrian, often crossing with small children. Nearly every time we attempt to cross Fountain St, there is at least one car (often multiple cars) running through the red light. While the drivers should get some blame (please, police this intersection!!!), the traffic signals deserve some blame. It is a 4-way intersection between Harrison, Alden and Fountain, but Alden and Harrison do not line up with each other. For cars traveling North on Fountain, there are two traffic lights and it is not clear where you are supposed to stop. The second of the traffic lights is almost completely covered by a tree - also a problem. Drivers are often confused if they make it through the first light but see the next one. It is a long drive to make it through the whole intersection.

This is downright treacherous for pedestrians. You really don't know when it's clear to walk through because so many drivers are confused (or just outright breaking the law). I would suggest a longer yellow light, a clearer sense of where to stop, and patrolling. With multiple churches/temples, a post office, a library, chapel haven and Westville village all within a stones throw, there are many, many pedestrians coming through this intersection. Please make it safer for us!

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