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Missed Trash Pick Up


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So I look outside to see how much snow we got overnight, and see trash cans along this side of Wick Rd have been knocked over by the snow plows, and since the trash never got picked up yesterday as scheduled by Rizzo who I'm learning brings all the crap about privatization of municipal services has come with them, mix that in the blender with the timing of the plows. and you get everyone whose cans were full now have their trash spilled all over - so as I'm opening my blinds, a Rizzo truck stops next door and picks up the trash all over the neighbor's yard, then moves along skipping all the trash that isn't spilled - like mine - it looks like we're not getting it collected at all, let alone a day late, so it'll be trash roulette for the residents on Wick Rd this week - a present from Rizzo just in time for Christmas.

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