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with the help of m.p.m. slumlords. alias mob. or drug distributors I.N.C. Out of massachussets and long iland new york. affilaited with T. ZIPP.who owns 22 and much of high street and many other properties in bristol and alot of other towns through out ct. run drugs from there buildings via the gangs and money laundering. and insurance scams. have turn this town to crap. and unfortunately i live at 22 high street where it has got real bad whith crack dealers in and out 24/7 pitbulls barking people fighting in and out the buildings. my life being threatned many times. few of us that are white are being forced out from the spanish gangs that manage the buildings. through intimadation and fear of being hurt or worse. because we dont belong to there click. and wont give in to them. dont do or want there drugs or way of life. we would rather die then give in to them. been trying to move for a long time but money is tight. the need to eat. with everything going up all the time makes it hard to save to get out of hear. but we manage to scrape pennies hear and there. try to get help from housing and b.c.o and the city to no avail we are disabled and geting old cant do the things we used to do and the stress of liveing here is takeing its toll on us mentally depression is getting the best of us just dont know what to do we have aplied for other housing but its a waiting game just hope to get out of hear alive even if its my girlfrend that gets other housing thats safe to live in would make it easier for me to deal with knowing that she is safe. but will have to make do for now. things can allways be worse like being homeless like so many people are these days. but still its not right for the slumlords to shut off the heat a couple months ago when it is included in our rent cant complain about it cause they will find away to make things worse cant aford to get any more flat tires or whatever else is next. but just cant seem to sit still and keep my mouth shut dont want this to happing to someone else that rents from them and i wish the desent people who are in the same situtation would help fight these people like we are.

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