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When driving west on Milk St towards Washington St one encounters a stop light at Milk and Washington St. Normal vehicular traffic can only take a right hand turn on to Washington St when the light is green as it is a T intersection and left hand turns on to Washington St is prohibited. When the traffic on Milk St has a green light a pedestrian crosswalk sign is illuminated white for pedestrians crossing Washington St at the Old South Meeting House. This creates a conflict between the pedestrians and the cars on Milk street that are forced to make a right hand only turn. Given this is and the fact that vehicular traffic is restricted on Washington St heading north is it possible to get this crosswalk sign and traffic lights reconfigured? Example Washington St traffic heading north could have a blinking yellow when the intersection is theirs and the cross walk sign is illuminated white. When Milk St traffic heading west has the intersection the crosswalk sign would be illuminated red prohibiting pedestrian cross while traffic on Milk St is forced to talk a right turn.

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