Road is a dump, Emergency vehicles cannot enter safely Open

531-567 Knollwood Ln Lincolnton, NC 28092, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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pothole, road safety


This road is so messed up that i know for a fact a fire truck would have great diffuculty making it to the end of this road. Ive seen small mail trucks nearly flip over trying to come around the curve where Brachview and Knollwood meet. The potholes are deep enough to make the bottom of my truck scrape. The state refuses to take over the road for i dont know what reason. Many of the home owners down polo trail pay upward of 1500-2000 dollars a year in county property taxes and the county refuses to do anything. There are several houses that are abandoned and the owners are living in "campers", "RVs", behind their trailers. The health department has made threats to these owners but never carried through. Please help our small community. My main concern is others safety seeing as i have seen 4 houses on this road burn completly to the ground because fire men cant make it down there quickly enough. Thank you.

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