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pothole, signs, traffic


5:00 Traffic, Congested area, people getting gas at clydes, people trying to turn onto pooler parkway etc. Let's say you are coming out of Clyde's you have just gotten gas, if you want to turn left, you are going to be there for a minute....you get your chance to go, so you take it, you speed across to beat the traffic coming east, you miss them, you get close to the center (turning) lane and he comes a truck, passing the line of traffic because he wants to turn not go straight, he doesn't see you, you don't see him and BAM! a meeting at the center lane. Now maybe its just a little fender bender, but you are in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, making already irritated people even more irritated, and at 5:00pm people ARE ready to get home. Their is a light a few feet ahead to the west at the pooler parkway off ramp @ piggly wiggly, and that is greatly appreciated....but what is the solution to a dangerous situation just a few feet to the west of that light? People coming from both sides of the highway from the shopping center and from the gas station with people already traveling in the middle....maybe coming up with a different exit point for clydes, maybe another light at the second entrance of the shops where Hidalgo's are, I am not a designer of roadways highways or byways but I am a safe driver, and I am scared to go through that section of pooler during rush hour!!

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