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Tree or Stump Maintainence Request


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Work #124833 Called in August,received note in September saying tree was set for priority trimming. No trimming has been done. Thank you.

also asked...
Q. What is the address where the tree or stump is located?
A. 244 W Capistrano
Q. Is the tree or stump located between the street and the sidewalk?
A. Yes
Q. Is the tree located on private propery or public right of way?
A. Right of way
Q. Where is the tree or stump located on the property?
A. Front
Q. Please describe the condition of the tree
A. Heavily overgrown
Q. Is the tree creating a safety risk to person or property?
A. Yes
Q. Please describe the type of maintenance requested?
A. Tree trim
Q. When was the tree removed?
A. na
Q. Please provide any additional details.
A. na

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