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Traffic Signals


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Please pass to the Salem PD: two drivers ran the red light while the crosswalk signal was lit (6:14am 1/12/17). I cross this intersection weekday mornings between 6:10-6:18 am and evenings between 5-7 pm. I see an average of 4 cars a week run the red light at this intersection. Twice between mid-November and end of December I was nearly Hit when crossing IN the crosswalk while the crossing light was ON due to drivers running the red light. This issue is getting worse. Despite the reflective clothing I wear drivers are ignoring the lights. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed. PLEASE do something to address this issue.

also asked...
Q. What is the type of signal that is not working?
A. Drivers running RED light
Q. Please describe any other information related to the malfunction/damage
A. No Answer Given


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