Acknowledged by: City of Toledo

Water Backup, Leak, or Flooding Acknowledged

4301 Vermaas Toledo, Ohio Show on Map Hide Map
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Water and Sewer


Water Backup, Leak, or Flooding


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flood, drain problem


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Q. What is the address or location of the water concern?
A. 4301 vermaas
Q. Is the water concern inside the structure or outside?
A. Outside
Q. Please describe the location of the water concern.
A. Street
Q. If the water is causing any damage or safety hazard please describe.
A. yes. cars driving into yards.
Q. Describe the potential cause of the water concern.
A. Sewer backup
Q. Describe the water.
A. Dirty and/or smelly
Q. Describe the intensity of the flow.
A. Standing or pooling
Q. What is the depth of the water?
A. Greater than 6"
Q. Is this a reoccurring concern?
A. Yes

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