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Pavement Markings (Missing, Needed or Damaged)


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At the intersection of New Scotland Ave, there is a space that is closed in by a set of double yellow lines. Often, drivers mistake this for a left turn lane. Another misleading factor is that two sets of traffic lights face this side of the street, also adding to the confusion about whether or not this is a turn lane. I myself make a left there, but from the main lane, because it would not make sense to cross the double yellow lines.This can potentially cause an accident if two cars are turning left next to each other, or if one sneaks up fast on the left as another is turning. Please create markings that clearly show if this is indeed a left turn lane and if not, remove the traffic light in front of it and mark the lane so it is not mistakenly used as a turn lane.

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Q. What is the damage or issue?
A. Mismarked lanes create dangerous intersection. People trying to turn left on to New Scotland often wait for the light on the island, creating a hazard for those in the actual lane who are also turning left.
Q. What is the exact location or intersection?
A. South Main at New Scotland


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