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road safety


The citizens of Latta are concerned that Latta Police Dept never does road checks like other towns and even the county. There has been one small road check done in town which was the first in who knows when. These road checks would be a great way to enforce the law in our community as well as generate revenue through ticketing. What seems to be the problem with getting this done?? The Police Dept has an enclosed trailer that is to be used during road checks and stuff and it just sits around doing nothing. It is a known fact with the citizens of Latta that the LPD is short on officers. Why is this? Most other towns have a reserve officer program which helps not only the safety of the officers because they can have a partner, but also saves the town money because those positions aren't paid. That would seem like a win-win situation for the town. There should be more community service oriented programs the LPD could do but once again, nothing. Perhaps it is the leadership??....maybe someone should ask the Latta Town Council what they think about all this mess. Please WMBF check into this for the great citizens of Latta.

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