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34 Batter Terrace New Haven Connecticut Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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New Haven


Street Lamp


3018 jeer


West River

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sidewalk, street light


All three lights are out on this pole.
Easy one to find just look for the crime scene tape that is here once a week , across from monitor square where the fence got knocked down three years ago. If you come down Batter it is a little past the three piles of junk that been on side walk about a month. Think ones on Winthrop are shot out too.

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S. Please provide pole number. If you cannot provide the pole number, please explain why (missing etc).
J. UI # 7846
S. Please describe in as much detail as possible the location of the pole (nearest address and cross street are most helpful).
J. Corner of Derby & Batter Terrace UI pole # 7846

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