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325 South 12th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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City Center East

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I own a home on Spruce between 11th and 12th, however, I walk my dog down 12th between Spruce and Pine on a regular basis. This section of W Washington Square must be the dirtiest block in the entire neighborhood. There is almost always raw garbage, various bags ripped open and dog feces scattered up and down the block. I understand that much of this block is landlord owned with renters occupying the units, however, that is no excuse for not holding the owners responsible for keeping the neighborhood clean and sanitary. What can we do as a neighborhood group to ensure that these property owners are held accountable for either their tenants behavior or the upkeep of their properties. Calling 311 is a long drawn out process that does not change behavior. Perhaps writing tickets with penalties will get owners to manage their properties more appropriately. No wonder Philly has the number one population of rodents in the US, What can we do to clean up this neighborhood and stop people from using Philly as one big garbage can?

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