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City of Canton, OH


Property Maintenance


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My home was Drove into by a pedestrian, unfortunately this is the SECOND time and both times the assailant ran. Now my home is damaged and the Canton City Police Department said it’s my job to clean up the debris. My porch is severely damaged and unsafe for the people walking by on the sidewalk. I am a disabled Veteran and I am at a lost on why it would be my job to clean up the damage that I didn’t create. When the city was redoing the street I requested from the Engineers that I get a retaining wall like my neighbor so I wouldn’t have this problem; however, was denied. Now at 725 12th ST NW in Canton it’s an eyesore to look at and I do NOT feel safe anymore living here if people are just mowing through lawns ripping front porches off of homes and it’s the home owner’s responsibity to pay and/ or clean it up. The criminals drove and ripped out the black city guard railing that was cemented in the first set of stairs, drove into the second set of stairs, into my coy pond and into and ripped the corner of my porch off of the house. I can’t express how this makes my neighborhood looks and how these incidents makes me feel after making multiple attempts to request a 3 foot retaining wall to prevent these things from happening.


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