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City of Whiting


Auto - Expired or Out of State Plates


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This should be a familiar vehicle for you. How ironic is it that this car, has Illinois plates now and not Texas? For more then half a year they lied to the police stating they were just here for a sick relative. Which in fact they are a resident. Then after being reported, and more then one warning violation and being told that they needed Indiana plates by Jan. 31st; the car is gone for less then a week, and now it's back with "beat up Illinois" plates. In saying that, it is still the original owners driving this car. I wonder what story they're going to give you now? This is absolutely mind blowing. I will be providing a better picture of the plate information.

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P. Please provide the make, model, color and license plate of vehicle. Please add picture or give location.
R. Black Chrysler 300

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