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We would like to request that the city of Worcester repair several severe potholes that threaten public safety and vehicles on Hockanum Way. The city has maintained this road in the past; however, in recent years the road has fallen into disrepair.

Although Hockanum Way is technically a private road, it functions in every conceivable way as a public one. This unusual condition is the direct result of actions taken by the state and city government when interstate 190 was constructed many years ago. As you may clearly see from maps, the construction of the highway necessitated the closure of one end of Indian Hill Road, where it intersects with Hockanum Way. Previously, Indian Hill Road offered the entire Indian Hill neighborhood a public way through which they could exit the neighborhood; now, however, all traffic on Indian Hill Road is routed up Hockanum Way to Frontage road where the interstate or the city may be accessed.

As a result of this situation, at least 40 households who do not own property on Hockanum Way make daily use of it. Many of these households own multiple vehicles, resulting in hundreds of daily, unauthorized uses of our private way. In addition, the city of Worcester itself makes repeated uses of Hockanum Way by sending three separate school buses up and down our road twice a day during the school year. This public traffic has contributed to a significant degrading of the road.

It is clearly unacceptable to ask the citizens of Hockanum Way – a mere 8 households – to subsidize the rest of the city's daily use of our road. Since Hockanum Way is a vital cut-through for the general Indian Hill area and the city of Worcester itself, it is impossible for us to block the road or otherwise restrict traffic. All we ask is that the city repair these potholes so that the road is passable and will not damage our vehicles or harm our property values.

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