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They have cut back the hours on the walk in clinic where it had been from 8-10 it is now 8-8. Why?
Do the people running these places not realise that we need the walk ins (at least one of them) open till 10. Not everyone can make it in during the day or is sick during the day and after 8 at night, there is no where to go except ER.
ER staff get upset over seeing you there when you are quite ill but it's not an emergency. How is this even fair? Where can a person go if they are ill in the evening? I've gone to the walk in twice now around 6- 7, you can't get in. There are already too many people waiting, so they stop taking patients.
Will someone please reconsider keeping the walk in open till 10!? I am sure if you asked the health care staff at the hospital they would fully agree as they don't enjoy their ER being overrun after 8 either.
This is vital. Saskatoon has walk ins that run 24/7, the least P.A can do is offer services at this walk in till 10.


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