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I am writing to request that speed bumps be installed for E. 28th Street between Park Blvd & 9th Ave. At any given time of the day, drivers are speeding on this curvy street, which is even more dangerous than normal because of the blind side on the other side of the curve. In the six years that I've lived on this street there have been a handful of accidents whereby parked cars have been damaged by oncoming traffic. In one egregious incident that happened in the middle of the night (I forget the date), a drunk driver scraped his car along several parked cars before finally slamming head on into another parked car in front of my house, totally both cars. I have a five year old and a 9 month old, there are several other families with children on the street, and not to mention all the adults residing on this busy, who are all at risk of being hit by recklessly speeding drivers. 9th Avenue has speed bumps, and I truly believe it's prevented people from speeding through and endangering the lives of its residents.

I hope that the City of Oakland seriously considers this request, and I appreciate its assistance in keeping my family and the other residents on this section of E. 28th Street safe.

My Huynh
859 E. 28th Street


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