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Pinellas County


Unpermitted signs on roadway/phone pole


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I am writing this to ask that someone come out and check for possible violations regarding a Commercial business located at 6210 Seminole Blvd. I feel they have created environmental hazards and are using practices that downgrade the looks and values of nearby homes surrounding their property. On the west and north side of the property they have created outdoor storage and sales area as Thrift Store Business. This area in question has been built in the Storm retention area and poses a risk of items floating into the County storm drain during storms and causing local flooding possibly on a right of way. There is also an un-engineered Carport/lean-to built of 2x4 studs cemented in the ground and 1x2 wood straps without any engineered lift points erected to the back of the building that most definitely fly away during in-climate weather risking damage to nearby dwellings and lots of debris and junk that definitely become missiles during high winds, also there are many, many open containers and car tires that will pond water and create a mosquito infestation. The area is a perfect haven to harbor rodents with all the trash, garbage and debris and we have noticed rats coming and going from the area also risking rodent infestation to nearby homes and businesses. There is also an old motorhome possibly un-licensed parked in the drainage area being used as a storage shed also detracting the neighborhood. Old couches, chairs and trash outside on the south side of the building. Also there is trash leaning on the fence on the south side that is causing the fence to be in dis-repair by dislodging fence slats and is at risk of falling into neighboring property. My other concerns are that their dumpster is set in the right of way blocking views while backing out of neighboring driveways and that a Mailbox has been erected on the street that doesn’t match their primary street address. I have a lot more pictures. Thank-you

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