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Bike Lane Obstruction


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I'd like to formally request that the "slip lane" from Hampshire St to Antrim St be closed to motor vehicle (or all) traffic. While biking down Hampshire St today I was nearly hit today by a motorist who did not signal before attempting to make a last second turn, through me. After somehow not falling over or as far as I can tell, hitting his car, I came to a stop by the traffic island and directed the motorist to stop as well. He admitted (I believe this was actually caught by my conspicuously mounted GoPro) that he never even turned his head to check his blind spot.

This is not the first incident I've seen here, but this is by far the most dangerous one I've seen yet.

If motorists cannot be bothered to act in a safe and predictable manner then the infrastructure should be adjusted to prevent their negligent actions from harming others. I realize removing this right turn kind of sucks, but serious injury or death because someone can't be bothered to follow the law sucks more.

At a minimum, please consider a trial closing of the slip lane to see how traffic is affected for several days.

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