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As evidenced by the signs homeowners have been forced to post on our own properties, there is a problem with gross people in the neighborhood walking their dogs and leaving piles of dog poop on our front lawns. So we have posted signs telling these fools to clean up after their pets or face fines. What have the dog owners done in response? Do we see them with plastic baggies in hand, picking up after their dogs? NO! They take the dogs around the corner and let them poop AT THE BUS STOP on Norton and Goffe, so that when we stand there waiting for the bus, we step in dog poop! As if the buses aren't filthy enough, now we're tracking dog poop everywhere because of negligent, lazy dog owners.

Please install "CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET...or face fines" signs at grassy bus stops, as well as on all lawned public spaces (such the Green, parks, etc.).

PS - Even those who do pick up after their dogs exhibit inexcusably rude behaviors; I have seen one woman in particular walk her dog on my block (on which she does not reside) and place the poopy bag in someone else's garbage!


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