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Doboce Park Dog area in need of fencing. Open

500 Duboce Ave. San Francisco, CA 94115, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Duboce park has a beautiful dog park that is frequented by many people and their dogs. As many as five hundred dogs and their respective guardians, come to the park on each day to run, play, catch up with their pals and breathe fresh air. The park is a nice size, has a drinking fountain for dogs and has comfortable benches for dog guardians to rest, catch up on dog raising trivia from other guardians and watch their canines play. Sounds great, right? Yes and...the parks largest boundary is Duboce ave which is not only busy with car traffic but is the route for muni. Although it is indisputable that dogs are bright and know much more than we do about some things, they do not understand the consequence of being run over by a car or muni and we know this bc if they did know, this would not be an issue. We need to finish this park with some sort of fencing.

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