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If this will not work please tell me why, and how we can make something work. You ask for city residents to work with the city ... we are trying ... but it is very frustrating when storm after storm nothing changes for us. But things get better downtown, they get better on Edwards Street, they get better on Whalley Ave, and on your large wider busier streets. It makes absolutely no sense to have a ban when you do not evenly enforce it ... it should be enforced 'in town' as aggressively if not more so as it is enforced 'down town'. Some may not think the Truman Streets deserve equal treatment because we don't have a strong voter base, or a strong tax base, but we are entitled to equal treatment. And like that errant child who doesn't always do as they are told, we may need a bit more attention and harsher consequences.

So I am open to suggestions ... I am open to a sit down ... my house or your office ... a phone call ... something. I just cannot go another snow event without have some response for the phone calls I get from complaining neighbors about how 'nothing gets done'. I look forward to hearing from somebody ... anybody!!! Thank you.

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