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A while ago the Tennessean published and article about closed public schools that Metro Schools was trying to sell. One of the older ones is the Morny School at the corner of Eaton’s Creek and Forte Road in Joelton. This building has been abandoned for quite some time and is used occasionally by the police for SWAT team training. Kids come and play on the old playground or sit on the picnic tables and talk—all of that is fine. The problem is that the school’s ground floor windows have never been boarded up so kids are going in there and trashing the place. I live next door and a couple weeks ago I called the police because I heard kids in there at night throwing things around and breaking things. At first the 911 dispatcher could not find the location of the Morny school and but the time the police finally arrived the kids had already exited the building and left in the dark. Can’t at least the lower windows and doors of this building be boarded up like the old Union Hill school has been, so kids won’t get in there to trash the place, start a fire, and possibly get hurt? Before long the building will be of no value to anyone.

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