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Saint Peter's Hospital employees are making a mess in front of local businesses Acknowledged

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Ever since St. Peter's made a policy of "no smoking" on hospital grounds, their employees have been crossing the street to smoke under the canopies of the businesses along New Scotland Avenue. In doing so, they drop their cigarette butts and gum all over the sidewalk. The business owners have complained to Saint Peter's to no avail.

This is not only a health hazard for residents walking along the sidewalk and having to breathe cigarette smoke, but going in and out of any business is also unpleasant. The clouds of smoke hover, and customers should not have to be exposed to this unpleasantness. It wasn't so bad when the policy began but this winter dozens of smokers congregated regularly in front of Subway, and yesterday the sidewalks were a disgrace.

I suggest the city make a NO SMOKING area from the corner of New Scotland at South Manning, to New Scotland at West Lawrence. Punishable by a fine.

Saint Peter's has a responsibility to create a smoking area for their employees. Their problem should not compromise taxpaying businesses.

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