Squatters at 420 W Ritner St. Police disinterested. Öppna

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Three homeless men have been residing on the porch for over a week. They drink, and make noise and trash the front of the property. Police have come out, but the men return minutes later after. 911 dispatch refuses to resolve the issue permanently and have advised I contact 311 to complain, which I already have. They have said the officers are doing enough by coming out and that this is a resolution. I have also complained to Councilman Squilla and Representative Keller. The police are making me feel like a snitch instead of a taxpaying citizen of Philadelphia concerned with his personal safety and the safety of his community. I'm afraid to have an officer visit me to personally report the issue because the men yell about having the police called and last night the men and cursed at passerby accusing them of calling. I don't want my home to become a target because of this. It has taken 1-2 hours for a response if the police come at all. There are several families and elderly folks on the street.
The image I have uploaded shows one of the men sleeping. His blue/gray jacket is visible just under the window. They are here day and night.

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