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The traffic at the intersection of Middlesex/Hoyt/Christie Hill is getting out of control in the morning between 8:25 and 9:00 a.m. This is clearly unavoidable and something needs to be done. Traffic is backed up from the intersection of Hoyt/Middlesex/Christie Hill to Research Drive in Stamford and backed up in the opposite direction on Hoyt Street to Heather Lane on 106. The Crossing Guard is not being attentive to the drivers, instead, lets every dog walker and parent/child walking to school have the right of way for a good portion of 30 minutes every morning and every afternoon. I am not saying safety is not Number 1 here, that is clearly the most important issue. What I am saying is, he should wait for a group of parents/children to accumulate at the intersection before you stop all traffic in all directions. This is an accident waiting to happen. Just this morning there were 6 cars making illegal u-turns in the middle of Hoyt Street to avoid this massive back up that is happening every morning. Either put a light at that intersection and have the walkers wait for THEIR signal, or someone needs to better manage that intersection. Traveling that route in the morning and around 3:00 p.m. is almost unbearable. Cars also block the entrance/exit of the school and will not let parents/students/teachers exit the school without waiting 5 minutes or longer. Does anyone else agree?


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