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Stanhope parking garage 3001 Hilsborought St Raleigh frequently allows cars to get in, but upon leaving, the gate is surprisingly down, and there is no way to leave the garage, without a ticket. The ticket would have been collected if the gate had been down upon arriving. With the gate up, there is none.
Using the "Call service for Help" button, dials the Stanhope offices. After 5pm Stanhope's recording about being closed after 5pm plays for the trapped parking garage user, with no other help, or alternatives, but to wait until their offices open at 8am. For several months now, the HELP button has only dialed that number and that recording.

Per telephone conversation with Stanhope today, they have no plans to do anything about this call service. They "won't" plan on putting anyone on call to handle trouble after hours, they said. "Won't" is the word they used.

Stanhope states they have had problems with the gate for many months. I note they have had problems since the garage opened a year or two ago.

Regardless of frequency, it still is not adequate to trap a car in the garage and have no alternative for exiting, other than abandon one's car.
This isn't good enough.
City council approved a business with a parking garage so that retail customers could come and give their stores business. But Stanhope's attitude is that they don't care about business after 5pm. Did they city know that parking was going to become ineffective after 5pm at Stanhope? Adjacent parking on the street is eliminated with road work and U permit parking zone rules.

Stanhope's attitude is that the garage is for their student residents, and the retailers, but not the local residents who use the retailers.

Stanhopes' attitude is that they serve their business, housing and serving the students in their building, and that's it.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner approved insurance plans require prescriptions be dispensed from CVS. CVS considers this location to fix the problem with CVS downtown Raleigh where the hours and parking are limited.

But I don't think they thought this was going to be the condition. No parking after 5pm?

Raleigh Citizens are being abused here. Which way out of this?

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