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Burlington, VT


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The pedestrian pathway between James Ave and the Miller Center is in very poor condition. This is a high use pathway and an excellent alternative to Ethan Allen Parkway. This is also the best way to North Ave shopping center for everyone in the James Ave/Ethan Allen neighborhood. It is at best a mud single track and at worst impassable pond. It is not maintained in the winter, even though the side walk access at both ends is. Biking on the path is challenging due to the mud track and biking just exacerbates the poor condition of the path. Improvement here would also be a large improvement to Schifilliti Park in general. There is a dilapidated chain-link fence along the path with unclear or unknown purpose. Could the fence be removed and the pathway rebuilt with gravel or pavement?

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Q. Problem with sidewalks:
A. Cracked/broken/ heaved surface

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