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Blocked Catch Basin/illegal dumping Acknowledged

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Blocked Catch Basin


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In the alley behind my residence we have sinkhole that came about after the city did work some 5 yrs ago , due to this sinkhole ive had many water issues, the job was left unfinished and with the alley blocked with large chunks of concrete that were left from the work done by the city many people have illegally dumped and blocked tally all together. Oct 2016 , i sumitted a claim and pictures to DWSD because of water damage due to flood. Had to tear down garage and fence to dig 100 ft to alley. Dug down 16ft to repair drain system. In Oct 2016, after numerous call to dwsa crew came out said that there was an issue determined it was city crock and asked for a supervisor. A supervisor from DWSD came out and determined there was a sink hole. Said he would get backbwith me and i Never heard from again . After repeated calls workcrews camebout agsin determined a serious issue stillbexistedvand again called a supervisor. The supervisor came out agsin determined the existing problem saidvhe would get this taken care asap, never heard from him again snd no workbwasvdone. In April 2017 I was asked in a letter from dws to submit another claim for same reason, I did. This issue has been going on to long an all I'm really getting is the run around and broken promises this my last attemt to have this sinkhole fixed and have all the illegal dumping removed that blocks and invades my property so I can have my property and alley back with no blight. My next step will b the news problem solvers, if this issue is not remedied immediately, I will be forced to get in touch with fox news or wdiv problem solvers, all I'm asking is that the city owns up and does the right yhing, thanks you

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Q. Where is the blocked basin?
A. Street
Q. What is the nearest address to the blocked basin, or the street name?
A. Horaito
Q. 1st Street:
A. 31st street
Q. 2nd Street:
A. 30th street

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