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I woke up to this pile of garbage in front of my house, it's a daily occurrence in this neighborhood. There is someone also sleeping for days under the carport of the alley of 3rd Ave., South and seventh Street. I've read the other comments and it says to call the police, if I called the police every time I have a situation with the homeless people I would be calling them twice a day .
Yesterday while I was at work my friends asked three homeless people to get off my front steps, this is a huge issue in this neighborhood and after living here over three years I thought it would improve but it's only getting worse.
I am a single woman and it is very scary living in this neighborhood which is sad, downtown is thriving and it should be a safe place for everyone to live.
I think it's time that someone address the situation with Daystar, I'm sure they do great things for the community but they need to be in a more rural area where they can spread out and grow.
Thank you

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