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Pedestrian or Bicycle Access Issues


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I have witnessed enough drivers making right turns off of Webster onto Ralph Appezzeto, and those turning right off of Ralph Appezzeto on to Webster, who are not observing pedestrians in the crosswalks that I am taking the time to write. Today was the most dangerous I have seen. A co-worker was almost hit by two autos --the lead car making a right turn off of Webster onto Ralph Appezzeto, and the car behind that followed -- were both traveling fast, and neither observed the pedestrian walk sign or my co-worker step off the curb. I saw it all from the same cross-walk coming from the opposite side of the R A Parkway. I have too often had to catch the eye of drivers making turns on both corners. I know all police departments are challenged with never enough staff available to help every traffic situation, but this intersection could use whatever help you can provide. Perhaps, just their presence at that corner can help. Drivers are simply not looking for pedestrians making the initial cross in the designated walk on those corners.
My thanks for your time,
Cheryl Peel

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