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Dear Sir or Madam:
I hope you will forward this e-mail / message to the appropriate person(s).
My name is Alex Gibber.
I live at 57 Hawkins Lane, Marlborough -- the house directly in front of the Burnes Field.
I am a long term resident /taxpayer of the our City and a big supporter of Marlboro Youth Soccer, and over the years, have put up with a lot of inconveniences for the sake of the success of this program.
The traffic, parking, kids walking across my lawn to get to the field, litter and noise during the games and practices -- all of this I am willing to overlook, because I realize that the kids need a place to practice, and I want to be a good neighbor.
However, recently, however is in charge of maintaining the field, installed an outhouse, right on my property line, directly in front of my window.
While the noise and other inconveniences are there only during the games and practice, the outhouse sits there 24 / 7, and it is a stinking eye-sore, and a source of aggravation for me and my family, not even to mention what it does to the property value.
Please put yourself in my situation: Would you like an outhouse directly in front of your window?
I realize that you are not the one who installed this outhouse in this location, but I would like you to address this issue with whoever is in charge and ask them to relocate it to a more inconspicuous location.
I thank you in advance to your help and attention to this matter.
Alex Gibber

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