Sidewalk Abruptly Ends Forcing Pedestrians into Street Open

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At this point on Platt Street, where it becomes one way the sidewalk on the right side of the street comes to an abrupt end at a driveway. There is no signage alerting pedestrians that the sidewalk is about to end or that they must cross the street to continue on the opposite sideway for safety.

Therefore, they begin to walk down the middle of Platt Street headed towards Vine downhill and headed for a very sharp blind curve where cars heading the other direction normally speed and it's a matter of time until someone in the road (which should have crossed to the other side where the sidewalk exists) is run down and killed. This neighborhood is full of small children who skateboarding, walk or bike in the wrong direction down the one-way section of the street and cannot see an oncoming car anymore than the oncoming car can see them. Before impeding tragedy what can the city do?

While decades-old the street design wasn't the wisest thing someone to come up with.

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