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From: Monica Burneikis [mailto:monica@meisel-law.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 8:41 AM
To: City Manager ; PW Mailbox
Subject: Fernside Speedway

Dear City Manager and the Public Works Department for the City of Alameda:

I am writing to express my concern regarding the excessive speed I have observed drivers using on Fernside Boulevard. I have lived on Fernside Boulevard near Thompson Street for 2.5 years. During that time, I have witnessed drivers on a daily basis driving at speeds well in excess of the 25 mile per hour speed limit. I also regularly (i.e., at least once per week) see drivers, frustrated with the car in front of them obeying the speed limit, swerve into the bike lane or cross over the double yellow median line in order to pass the vehicle ahead. Most concerning about this behavior is that I observe it most often during the morning commute, when numerous children are heading to school, walking across Fernside, or using the bike lanes.

While I do not know this, I hope that the drivers I have seen participating in the above actions do not live in Alameda, but rather, are using Fernside to get to the Harbor Bay Business Park, the Oakland Airport or the San Francisco Bay Ferry. Such would also help explain the reason for such haste in driving.

I would like the City to consider taking action to address this problem, and thereby reduce the risk of injury to the public and our children caused by the dangerous speeds and poor driving habits used by drivers on Fernside. Perhaps the installation of additional stop signs would be beneficial. Such is a low cost and relatively simple way to address the issue. There are currently no stop signs between High Street and East Side/Garfield Drive, which allows drivers to reach high rates of speed on this stretch of road. Another option would be to install speed humps all along the street. Finally, perhaps some sort of curb separating the bike lane from the roadway, or a center/median island (similar to the islands on Thompson Street) would be effective. I have personally spoken with non-Alamedians who have said that the large width of Fernside gives drivers the impression that the speed limit is higher than 25. Making the roadway narrower, either by installing a curb along the bike lane or a center median, may encourage drivers to slow down.

Another benefit of installing some sort of speed reducing system is that such may deter drivers from outside of Alameda from using Fernside as a thoroughfare to the business park, airport or ferry, and encourage those drivers to use DooLittle or Ron Cowan Parkway, both of which have higher speed limits and less pedestrian traffic.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Monica Burneikis | Partner
Meisel, Krentsa & Burneikis
350 Sansome Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, California 94104
Direct Dial 415.288.4032

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