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Hi, I have been watching with great interest the discussion of Canal Street and the river walk here. Sadly, since the Naugatuck River Greenway and Shelton river walk don't have sites that invite dialogue this site has been invaluable in creating a "town hall" to ask questions.

I have to ask what is going on with 223 Canal? I am part of a small group who has started researching this area online and in person as great progress has been made but announced projects seem to stall. Unfortunately, local newspapers have not been helpful because they will write a story (such as about Spongex becoming condos) in 2015 and the building then sits and rots into the eyesore it is today next to the river walk but the paper never returns to ask why it's two years later and you can't see a difference.

That said, 223 Canal has a sign saying it's being demolished and a nice porta potty and fence. I have read documents that say this building is coming down as it sits 3 feel into Canal Street making the site not only needs remediation but you can't rebuild Canal with a structure sitting on it.

Weeks and weeks go by... not a shovel in the ground. I know this is a slow process but when the pretty sign (which costs money) goes up to announce a project and the construction fence is put in place there should be teams of workers on site. There is no need for a sign and fence to "pretend" we are making progress.

Where do we stand here? Perhaps Shelton needs to post monthly updates on each project on a special page on it's site. Lots has been done but with Spongex in limbo, the Conti building needing A LOT of TLC on Howe and now this end of Canal just sitting there one has to wonder when these funds will be put to use.

and THANK YOU PLANNER! I know you will do your best to give a detailed answer as you always do. I only hope Ansonia, Derby and Shelton are paying you a consultants fee to update the public on their behalf.


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